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Our Savior Lutheran Church
Our Mission
Our Mission is to:  Come and Learn for ourselves the great things our Savior has done.
Our Mission is to:  Go and Share with others the great things our Savior has done.
Our Mission is to:  Honor and Serve both others and God because of the great things He has done.
Many businesses and organizations have a mission statement. It is a concise document that states their purpose for existing. In some cases a mission statement might also assert some brief desired goals for the company or institution. A congregation is neither a business nor a company. It is rather a gathering of believers around the Word and Sacrament. Yet, it is still certainly fitting and proper for such a group to develop and adopt a mission statement as a constant reminder of why it exists.

As a Christian congregation we do not develop a mission statement by merely brainstorming what we think our niche should be. Instead we turn to God’s inspired, inerrant and infallible Word. Here he repeatedly reveals to us both our purpose and direction for life as his children.

A year before the 40th Anniversary of our congregation, Bible studies were conducted to review our mission and purpose. As a result of those Bible studies and with input from our members, a mission statement was developed: Come and Learn for ourselves, Go and Share with others and Honor and Serve both God and others because of the great things our Savior has done. When analyzed it is simultaneously both simple and profound. It is concise in its wording but far reaching in its implementation.

May the Lord’s love for us continue to compel us to carry out this mission.

To God Be the Glory!
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